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What can I expect during the new client process?

We have a four-step new client process to ensure that our service is a good fit for each client we work with. We request that all new clients call us by phone to perform an intake call and learn about the process.

  • Step One – Intake Call: We speak with the potential client over the phone to learn about their location, types of pets, and dates of service During this call we schedule step two for a date & time that is mutually agreed upon by both parties.
  • Step Two – Phone Interview & Consultation: During this step, we ask the potential client a series of questions that help us determine if our service is going to be a good fit for the client and their pets. It also helps break the ice and allow conversation between us the potential client so the in-home meet & greet is less awkward. If the interview goes well we move into the consultation process during the same call. The consultation process allows us to take down client contact information, where items needed to provide care are located, exact pet care instructions (feeding, the location of the crate, etc), and learn more about the pet’s likes, dislikes, and medical history. This call takes about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the number of pets the client has. At the end of the call, we confirm the dates of service needed and then schedule an in-home meet & greet so we can meet the client and pet before service begins.
  • Step Three – Meet & Greet: During this step, we make a visit to the client’s home to meet the client and the pets. If the client has requested dates of service, we will also review the Quote for Service that was emailed to the client, collect payment, and pick up the house keys. We will also review the location of all care items and any other pertinent information regarding the care of the pets that may not have been not covered during step two.
  • Step Four- Service Agreement: After the meet & greet is complete, we email the client a service agreement for them to review all the instructions taken down by phone and at the meet & greet, as well as reviewing company policies, terms, & conditions. This agreement is completed online and submitted electronically. These steps can take 5-7 days to complete depending on both parties availability. We recommend contacting us as a new client at least 7-10 prior to your trip so we can accommodate the new client process. Contacting us with more than 10 notice is always a plus!

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