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What if there is an emergency with my pet while I am away?

Fuzzy Friends maintains up-to-date information on the 24-hour emergency animal hospitals in our service area. We are also well acquainted with all the local veterinarians. Our pet forms are extremely detailed and provide background information on your pets current and past medical history. Our client forms contain an emergency medical agreement which allows your pet care professional to obtain emergency medical treatment in your absence. Before each client’s departure, our office will call each client to complete a confirmation call which requests updates on each pet’s medical condition and current medications, obtain telephone numbers where the client can be reached, update all emergency contacts, confirm the client’s dates of service and travel itinerary, as well as notes on all other pertinent information that you would like us to know in case of an emergency. Julie is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter and trained veterinary technician with over 20 years experience! She is always informed on each pet in our care and will be certain to alert you of any medical problems. She is also trained in emergency veterinary medicine. Both Julie & Eneri have close ties to the local veterinary community. Getting your pet prompt medical attention if needed is no worry at all!

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